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Meet the Five Stars Career Coach

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Meet our Five Stars Career Coach, Gekeela Ray!

As our Career Coach, Gekeela is responsible for reaching out to applicants who register for the program and offering them the assistance they need throughout the hiring process. This includes providing help with resumes, interview preparation, and enrolling them in any hospitality-related training.

Gekeela brings valuable experience from her time in the hotel industry, where she worked in the banquets department at the Renaissance Raleigh Hotel in North Hills before earning a promotion to the front desk. In addition to her friendly personality, she has a deep understanding of local community resources and city transportation, enabling her to effectively match job seekers with the right hotel positions.

To schedule a meeting with Gekeela, please visit our website at and complete the Five Stars registration form. Within 1-2 business days, she will reach out to you via phone call, text message, or email to help you get started on your journey in the hotel industry!

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