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About Us

CAWD's Five Stars Hotel Workforce Initiative is a program committed to finding the right candidates for jobs at hotels located in Wake County.  The program also advocates for business practices that promote supportive work environments and employee satisfaction.


The pandemic had a disproportionately negative effect on the hospitality industry, decimating the workforce. Though things have improved, hotel recruiters still find it challenging to hire people. The Five Stars Hotel Workforce Initiative was developed in response to hotels collectively requesting assistance.


 CAWD specializes in preparing adults and youth for in-demand jobs through occupational skills training and various services available through eight NCWorks Career Centers. Business services that help employers mitigate expenses related to hiring and training employees are also offered.

After listening sessions with members of the Wake Hospitality Alliance and Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau, it was made clear that Wake County's hoteliers are committed to reimagining how employees are sourced and trained. The hotel sector is also willing to invest more in creating a positive work environment for workers that will aid in employee retention.

Five Stars is not only working to create a pipeline of candidates to fill immediate openings, but also provides other talent-related resources that are of value to hoteliers, such as best practices around diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. The Five Stars DEIA Statement and Goals can be viewed here.

To learn more about the Five Stars Hotel Workforce Initiative, contact the program manager at

Click here to learn more about Capital Area Workforce Development and NCWorks.

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