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NCWorks: Connecting Local Employers to Local Talent

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Employers receive a virtual introduction to NCWorks offerings for employers from the Five Stars team.

Do you want to make hiring staff in your hotel easier? These guys do.

This week, our Five Stars team virtually hosted an NCWorks training session for hotel partners. In just one hour, our team shared the services and features provided at the NCWorks Career Center and

Employers have long used platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed for recruiting. Some are successful but for most, it can be frustrating, and we feel your pain. We’ve had countless hoteliers tell us that they’ve had to go to absurd lengths to attract job seekers to even just APPLY to a position. Then when you schedule an interview, the applicant doesn’t even show up!

Listing your hotel’s job openings on is easy, and with the attention our Five Stars program is receiving from job seekers, the decision is quite a no-brainer for your business.

Once Five Stars applicants meet with our Hospitality Career Coach and are fully prepared to begin applying for hotel jobs, they will have different job opportunities from which to choose. With the wraparound support services these candidates receive from our Five Stars program, they are more likely to be present, prepared, and passionate about the role you are trying to fill.

NCWorks Business Services Consultant Gurdeep Singh helps attendees navigate the employer portal.

But wait, there’s more! We know how risky it is for employers to invest in and train new hires. To put your minds at ease, NCWorks also offers on-the-job training (OJT) for eligible job seekers. When employers hire an applicant who is missing some of the skills needed for the job, OJT reimburses the employer 50% of wages earned during the training period.

NCWorks business services are free of charge, so why not take advantage? If you're curious about what NCWorks can do for you and want to be a part of an NCWorks Employer Training Session, email Five Stars Program Coordinator Jacob Dolan at

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