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Five Stars Applicant Numbers Are On The Rise

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Career Coach Gekeela and Marketing Coordinator Drew downtown at Project Reach Out’s Day of Care in Moore Square.

Woo-hoo! In June, the Five Stars Team more than doubled our program registration numbers.

In April, May, and June, we had exactly 100 job seekers register for the Five Stars Program. The total for the previous quarter was just 27. The team achieved this feat by focusing on in-person outreach events. Conversations with potential candidates and other community organizations really helps to personalize Five Stars and allowed us to convert more prospects into applicants!

Our lovely hotel career coach, Gekeela Ray-Mosley, has been working hard to help these new candidates with job applications and interview prep. It’s important that she knows who is getting interviews and if the applicants being referred meet your requirements. HR departments can clarify their needs by connecting with program coordinator Jacob Dolan. He will pass the information to Gekeela and ensure that all of our processes are updated.

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