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Hotel Room

Why Hotel Jobs?

You can be hired today and enjoy amazing benefits and advancement! 

Hotel Reception

You can earn good pay and since hotels are open 24/7, you can find a shift that suits YOUR schedule.

Job Candidate

New hotels open all the time creating high demand for employees and leaders. You can build a very successful future in the industry!

Professional Chefs

You'll gain skills that can be used in various jobs and career paths. Interpersonal skills, clerical skills, management skills, and more!

Hotel Door Lock

Most hotels offer discounts to their employees such as reduced travel prices, room rates, tips/bonuses, free meal, and much more!

Competitive Pay & Flexible Hours

Great Job Outlook

Transferable Skills

Employee Discounts & Perks

Hospitality is an
industry to
grow with.

Our Hotel Partner Map

 Use the map below to plan your future work commute!

A glance at what hotels offer employees

New hotels are opening all over Wake County, fueling the need for people! Whether you are work-ready today or need time to build your hospitality skills, there is room for you to create a great career or supplemental income.


of hotels have increased wages over the past two years.

> 50%

of hotel GMs got their start in
entry-level positions


of entry-level workers are eligible for a promotion in less than 1 year.

data courtesy of The Hotel Industry

Are you right for the hotel industry? You're a five-star candidate if any of these apply:

  • You crave learning and doing something new

  • You thrive on personal interaction with people from all over the world

  • You take pride in your work no matter how large or small the task

  • You can solve problems on the job

  • You aspire to understand all areas of a business so you can grow professionallly

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